The Electors Trust provides free and strictly confidential legal support to any Elector who wishes to vote their conscience.

“No one faithful to our history can deny that the plan originally contemplated . . . that electors would be free agents, to exercise an independent and nonpartisan judgment as to the men best qualified for the Nation’s highest offices.”

Justice Robert Jackson

Ray v. Blair, 343 U.S. 214, 232 (1952) (Jackson, J., dissenting)

The Electors Trust will defend your right to exercise your “independent and nonpartisan judgment.”

We will defend you against any fines or legal claims that might threaten the freedom of your vote.

If you are an Elector, we will also allow you to know how many others like you there are. How many, not who. Because we will never reveal any Elector’s views, to anyone, ever.

If you’re a conscientious Elector, and you’d like advice or support, send an email to [email protected]. Your name, email address and any other personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

If you’re interested in volunteering at your state capitol on Monday, December 19th, please let us know.


The Electors Trust is a project of EqualCitizens.US